Choosing the Right Tablecloth Size

Irish Linen tablecloth with a half drop draped over table

 Finding the perfect size tablecloth for your table is an easy process. Below is a simple guide on how to measure your table to get the desired overhang. 

There are two considerations when choosing a tablecloth specifically for your table:

  • First one is the drop, which helps to establish what aesthetic you're going for.
  • The second, is measuring the size and shape of your table.


The Drop

This refers to the distance from your tabletop to the bottom of your tablecloth linen.

The length of the drop can either call for extravagance or something a little less dramatic – the choice is yours. Consider these four drop styles before measuring and deciding the statement you're planning to make.

Casual drop: to create a more causal feel, a tablecloth should have a drop that measures anywhere between 15-20cm. Perfect for afternoon tea or a light lunch al fresco!

Half drop:  the most typical style to suit both casual and formal occasions; the tablecloth drops evenly around the table, usually at 30cm.

Full drop: for a truly formal and luxurious style, we recommend your tablecloth drops down all the way to the floor, which can measure anywhere between 40cm to 75cm

Puddle drop: for an enormously lavish style, arrange your tablecloth well beyond the full drop length to create a puddle effect on the floor - choose one size larger (or more) than the full drop size.


How to measure your table?

This part may seem tricky but it is actually quite simple!  We have used a rectangular table here for our example below, however this methods work for both square and circular tables as well! 

Measure the full length and width of your table top. Then choose your desired drop length, double it and add to your length and width measurements.

For example, a table measuring 80cm in width and 160cm in length with a desired drop of 30cm should be:

width: 80cm + 30cm + 30cm = 140cm and length: 160cm + 30cm + 30cm = 220cm

With this measurement worked out you now know that the tablecloths you should be shopping for will be around 140cm x 220cm in size.


Find your perfect tablecloth

A backyard picnic, teatime on a terrace, weekend breakfast or formal dinner will all feel more special, more stylish and elegant, with a good quality tablecloth. Now that you have the size of your tablecloth worked out, it's time to think about materials and colours! 

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