Linen Care

Linen increases in strength when wet, which is why it launders so well. Each time you launder Irish Linen a subtle molecular change occurs around each fibre resulting in the renewal of its smooth, lustrous surface. Unlike synthetic fibres, linen can be washed at high temperatures (95c) if preferred, although a 60c wash is very effective. Linen can also successfully be washed at lower temperatures such as 40c thanks to its natural antibacterial properties. 

Avoid using detergents which contain Optical Brightening Agents on coloured linens. Bleach is the worst enemy of linen as misuse can significantly degrade and weaken the fibres. 

Be careful in your choice of laundry, if you use one. Poor laundries may cut corners by using too high a concentration to help whiten the laundry. 

Never tumble-dry linen as this can over-dry the fibres and makes ironing difficult.

Always iron linen when damp, first on the wrong side to eliminate creases then on the right side to enhance the fabric's natural sheen.

Irish Linen is naturally mothproof and can be stored under normal conditions. Never store linen in a cupboard in which heating pipes run or in cedar-lined drawers, as these can wash as discolour the linen. If by mischance it does become discoloured, wash again as soon as possible and hang to dry in the sun to whiten it again.

And finally, remember that linen is a strong fabric. It doesn't need to be 'saved for best'. It can take any amount of washing and thrives on regular use.