Embroidery Service

Offering looks ranging from traditional to contemporary each of our embroidered styles complements our bed and bath collections beautifully. 

Whether to mark a special occasion or add a classic touch to you home, we will work closely with you to choose your style, size and placement to create the ultimate personalized luxury!

If you would like to arrange any bespoke embroidery we would love to discuss this with you! Please feel free to contact us via email or call us on 01733562300 (Mon-Fri). 

Initials:  Prices start at £15 for your first initial, with £5 per each additional letter.  Inititals can be up to 5 inch per letter. There are two different types of font - a script font and a plain font.
Coronets:  We do 5 different coronets up to 2 inches wide.  These are Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount and Baron priced at £61 per coronet.
Laundry Marks: These can be embroidered in either red or blue at approx. 1/2in high letters (minimum). Priced at £15 per mark.
Please allow at least 20 days for any embroidery work.  We can offer a discount on larger quantities

Please contact us at info@givans.co.uk to enquire more about this service and to get an accurate quote.