Sustainability Charter

Givan’s Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is of vital importance to Givan’s Irish Linen Stores. Givan’s is committed to ensuring that we are meeting our social and environmental obligations both those as set out by law but also in the wider content of our business and being proactively responsible.  We undertake our responsibility for the environment seriously and accept that our planet faces increasing environmental challenges.  This policy is part of our commitment to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment to as low a level as possible.

Our Approach to Creating Change:

  • Mimimise waste and increase recycling
  • Ensure our products are sourced in a responsible manner
  • Work with our suppliers to take proactive measures to achieve sustainability
  • To continually monitor our carbon footprint

Our Responsibility to Human Resources:

  • To ensure a pleasant and supportive atmosphere for our staff with fair working practices
  • To try and ensure all our suppliers adhere to creating safe environments for their staff
  • To try and ensure any foreign suppliers implement human working practices (for example in the areas of anti-slavery, anti-people trafficking and banning the employment of underage young workers

Evidence to Date of Progress

  • Introduction of recyclable catalogue wrapping
  • Work with local companies to minimise air miles & pollution – NI & GB, sourcing companies from NI/Ireland and rest of UK first.
  • making goods to order means there is no, or limited, wastage of materials and power.
  • Reuse carboard and offcuts for packaging to minimize waste
  • Replace postal packaging with recycled & recyclable jiffy bags
  • Adjustment to lighter paper weight for catalogue
  • Certification from suppliers of fair working policies
  • Certification from suppliers that have fully traceable Animal Welfare practices
  • Working closely with local courier companies committed to reducing their carbon emissions with clear set goals
  • Using suppliers that use STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, an Independent Organization that certifies products and processes according to scientific criteria
  • Assessment of business's current waste generation, management, and disposal. Audit to identify where waste is being generated, how often, and where it goes. Set waste diversion, prevention, and reduction goals and institute policies to achieve them.


What we are currently progressing:

  • Audit of printers to source FSC certified options for all paper products
  • Working with suppliers to find more environmentally friendly product packaging
  • Audit of postal packaging with goal of reducing plastic waste, even if it is recyclable.