Sustainability Charter

                                                                     Sustainability Charter.

  • Givans Irish Linen Stores undertakes its responsibility for the Environment seriously.
  • Givans accepts that our planet faces increasing environmental challenges.
  • Givans believes Climate Change is a real and growing menace to our planet’s wellbeing.

Our Approach to creating change:

  • Minimise waste and increase recycling.
  • Ensure our products are resourced in a responsible manner.
  • Work with our suppliers to take proactive measures to achieve sustainability.
  • To continually monitor our climate footprint.

Our responsibility to Human Resources.

  • To ensure a pleasant and supportive atmosphere for our Staff with fair working practices.
  • To try and ensure all our suppliers adhere to creating safe environments for their staff.
  • In particular to try and ensure foreign suppliers implement humane working practices (for example in the areas of anti-slavery, anti-people trafficking and banning the employment of underage young workers).

Evidence to date of progress made.

  • Audit of packaging.

                             - leading to introduction of recyclable catalogue wrapping.

  • Audit of paper weights

                               - adjustment to lighter weight.

  • Audit of main suppliers

                                    - seeking assurances of fair working practices.

  • Liaising with transport companies regarding greener means of delivery.



To accept that these measures are the direct responsibility of Senior Management who undertake a personal challenge to influence change for the better.