Understanding Different Types of Wool

Understanding Different Types of Wool

Wool possesses a myriad of distinctive characteristics that make it a perfect choice for crafting exquisite blankets known for their unparalleled comfort and warmth. Diverse breeds of sheep and other woolly animals contribute to the array of wool types, each imbued with unique qualities.

Our comprehensive guide aims to assist you in navigating this variety, providing valuable insights into the distinct characteristics of different wool types. Whether considering bedding options or seeking a deeper understanding of wool, our guide is designed to be your companion in making informed choices for a cozy and luxurious sleep experience.

Pure New Wool

Pure New Wool is derived directly from the annual shearing of sheep. It is 'virgin wool' - so hasn't been reused, mixed with other firbres, or undergone any wear.

Our pure new wool products are versatile and warm, featuring a slightly coarser surface than merino or lambswool, which enhances its insulating properties. However, the slightly rugged texture may not be to everyone's liking; those seeking a softer touch may prefer merino wool or lambswool

Merino Wool

Sourced from the prized Merino sheep, predominantly found in Australia and New Zealand, merino wool is recognised for its ultrafine and supremely soft fibres. Merino Wool products offer a pleasant feel against the skin and can serve as an excellent alternative to synthetic duvets.

Uniquely, merino wool excels in temperature regulation - the natural crimp traps air for insulation in cold weather, while effectively wicking away moisture in warmer conditions. Our merino baby blankets exemplify the finest use of this remarkable wool.


Harvested from a lamb's first shearing at around seven months, lambswool is known for its extreme softness and high-quality yarn. As it comes from the first shearing, it's produced in limited quantities, making it a more premium option than merino or other wools.

Lambswool's luxurious texture makes it ideal for our range of sumptuously soft blankets 


Considered the pinnacle of luxury fibres, cashmere comes from the unique undercoat of Cashmere goats, primarily residing in the hard climates of Mongolia and China. This special adaption allows the goats to cope with significant temperature fluctuations.

Cashmere products, while offering incomparable softness and warmth, also boast exceptional durability, making them cherished heirlooms for generations.

Choose the Right Size Blanket

Discover the ideal blanket for your bed size effortlessly, ensuring a perfect blend of warmth and comfort without unnecessary bulk. It's important to find the right size – not too small to compromise coziness, and not too large to make maneuvering difficult or cause excessive draping.

Consider these aspects when selecting your blanket to ensure a snug and practical choice that enhances your night's rest. 

Our collection of woollen blankets is available in a range of UK sizes, from Single to Super King in blankets, and features an array of throw sizes as well.


Sleep Under Wool

Choosing the right blanket is a personal experience, and we understand the importance of finding one that suits your individual preferences. Our blankets are thoughtfully recommended to enhance your night's rest throughout the year, serving as a versatile option. They can be used as a cozy duvet alternative in summer and as an additional duvet layer during the winter chill.

With various types of wool and unique finishings to consider, we hope this guide provides valuable information to assist you in discovering the perfect blanket that aligns with your comfort needs for a restful and indulgent night's sleep.