Celebrating 30 Years of the Totterings!

Celebrating 30 Years of the Totterings!

The Tottering-by-Gently series of cartoons by Annie Tempest has been appearing for thirty years in Country Life magazine. Our tea towel and homeware collections are a compilation of the best cartoons from the strip and provides both comic relief and a unique insight into rural life.

The story is set in Tottering-by-Gently, a village in the fictional county of North Pimmshire, in which Tottering Hall is inhabited by Lord and Lady Tottering, affectionately known as Daffy and Dicky.

 Labrador & Spaniel Cotton Hob Covers

The relationships between Lord and Lady Tottering, family, staff and friends all are explored in an insightful manner as they grapple with increasingly modern life and all the challenges that it brings. Annie's cartoons superbly capture the essence of British life through the charming vignette of comedy.

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Dogs are a constant theme with the ongoing debate between Labradors and Spaniels front and centre as well as wine and champagne; a staple of life in every Englishman's Castle, the debate and excuse of consumption in terms of timing, quantity and jollity will be reminiscent to all of us who recognise those anxieties.

 'Trips to the Bottle Bank' Pure Cotton Tea Towel

Through Lord and Lady Tottering, Annie Tempest touches on a note of universal truth in her exquisitely detailed and beautifully executed cartoons as she gently laughs with us at the stuff of life. With her unique illustration and whimsical take on country living, Annie has created designs with timeless relatability.

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