A Guide to Handkerchiefs

A Guide to Handkerchiefs

Nowadays, people are looking for more sustainable ways to catch colds and the handkerchief is a perfect solution! However, handkerchiefs also serve a multitude of purposes other than just blowing your nose!

Handkerchiefs are reliable and versatile, being used for everything from cleaning up spills, blotting perspiration on a hot summers day or even wiping dust and smears from your glasses!

The handkerchief isn't purely functional though: they can be an affordable and easy way to add style to any outfit, such as a pocket square in a gentleman's top pocket at a formal event. Handkerchiefs don't have to be fancy, a plain white one will do, however there is a wide range of designs and colours to choose from to compliment your own style or add a touch of class
with personalised embroidery!

10 Different Ways to Use the Humble Handkerchief:

ACCESSORIZE:  Add a touch of class or style to any outfit, such as a pocket square in a gentleman's top pocket at a formal event!

MOMENTS OF EMOTION: Being gentler on skin and extremely absorbent, handkerchiefs are great for wiping away tears of joy or sadness! Be prepared for when emotions bubble over!

SENTIMENTAL KEEPSAKES: An embroidered or personalised handkerchief makes a great sentimental keepsake such as a token wedding gift to a bride or groom

SNACK WRAP: Carry your small food items without the need for plastic! You can also use the handkerchief over your lap or as a napkin!

CLEANING HANDS: Perfect for drying or cleaning dirt off your hands if you don’t have any driers or paper towels handy!

STAYING SANITARY: Softly dab perspiration from your brow, the back of your neck on a hot summers day or dab the sweat off your makeup with a soft cloth that won’t ruin your foundation.

WIPING GLASSES: Gently wipe finger prints, dust and smears from your glasses without any concern about scratching delicate surfaces. Perfect if you've misplaced your cleaning cloth!

MINOR FIRST AID:  The handkerchief works great as a makeshift bandage or splint.  Use the soft fabric to disinfect wounds, dab away blood from a knee scrape or stem a pesky nose bleed.

GIFTING: As well as gifting a handkerchief itself, you can use them to creatively wrap up other small gifts in an eco-friendly way.  It also looks pretty and creates no waste!

OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS: For outdoor adventures you really want to streamline what you carry as much as possible! Being lightweight and so versatile, you can use your handkerchief to blow your nose, hold a piping hot cup, or wipe down a bicycle seat or bench after it has been raining!


When used correctly, the handkerchief is even more hygienic than a disposable tissue! Learning how to properly fold a handkerchief will maximise it's use and minimize the spread of germs!

Ideally, you should use a fresh handkerchief each day and when battling a cold you’ll want a few extra hankies on hand! This is especially true if you have a persistent cold, it's during allergy season, or you lead an active lifestyle that includes jogging, yoga, gym or cycling.

But where can I get a lovely, natural handkerchief for all my newly-discovered handkerchief uses?

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