A Restful Night's Sleep

A Restful Night's Sleep

The amount of time you spend sleeping matters, but so does the quality of that sleep. 

Updating your bedroom is a simple way that can help you sleep better, which can, in turn, improve your overall well-being. Your bedding, including sheets, blankets, pillows, and mattress, can have a big impact on the quality of your sleep.

Everyone has a different preference, so you’ll want to look for bedding that feels comfortable to you! We've created a simple guide below to help you discover your best night's sleep yet...

Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment

You may not spend many of your waking hours in your bedroom, but it should still be a haven of sorts. There are many types of bedding, from light and airy percale and smooth sateen, to cool, crisp linen that will help you maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

Different bedding styles can feel different in terms of warmth. Natural fabrics including cotton, silk, wool and linen can aid in regulating body temperature.  Percale cotton is cooler to the touch and is suited to hot sleepers, whilst sateen cotton has a naturally heavier drape, making it ideal for those that feel cold in the night.

The addition of a natural linen sheet can satisfy both sides of the camp as it is a natural insulator to trap more heat under a duvet at the same time as being temperature regulating and comfortable to sleep under on its own.


We recommend...

Peter Reed Cotton Percale

Calvi Cotton Sateen

McCaw Allen Irish Linen

Mulberry Silk Pillowcases

Pure Merino Wool Blanket

Keep It Fresh...

Keeping fresh sheets on your bed can make bedtime more appealing. You should wash your sheets at least once every two weeks. Regular washings not only prevent dust mites and body oils from building up but can also promote better sleep... and we can all agree that a freshly made bed is more enticing.

Use protectors to keep your pillows and mattress fresher for longer between washes. Not only will this mean practicing good hygiene measures for you and your guests, but it can also help prolong the life of your pillows and mattresses and protect them from becoming stained and damaged.

Using natural bedding, such as linen, that has hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antimycotic properties mean they are perfectly suitable for sensitive skin, as linen absorbs moisture without holding bacteria!


We recommend...

Cotton Pillow Protectors

Pure New Wool Mattress Protector

Washable Wool Pillows

Add Luxurious Comfort...

Ease into a comforting night’s sleep with natural filled duvets, pillows, and bedding accessories. Choose between pure down, feathers & down, and pure wool to find your perfect support. 

An assortment of cushions will give extra neck support or can even be used in bed as a lumbar support when sitting up against the headboard or to help bolster up another pillow! 


We recommend...

Hungarian Goose Down Pillow

Goose Feather & Down Pillow

Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

Boudoir Inner Cushion

Feather Filled Ruffle Cushion

Stockholm Cotton Throw Pillows

Consider Your Senses...

Clutter, noise, light, and smells may also contribute to a restless night's sleep. You’re more likely to get the quality, restorative rest you need in a calm, clean environment.

Use an eye mask to help lock out the light and help you drift off at night.  Tidy away any clutter and store piles of unsightly laundry in a simple yet stylish laundry bag. Make it easy to find what you need during your morning routine with toiletries stored in their own bags or holders. Certain scents, such as lavender or peppermint, can have a calming and relaxing effect which aids in a restful night's sleep.

Even what you wear to be can affect your sleep. The best nightwear should feel soft on your skin and should be warm enough to keep you cozy, but breathable enough to keep you cool and dry. Natural materials, such as linen and cotton, help wick moisture away so you stay comfortable while you sleep.

We recommend...

Luxury Mulberry Silk Eye Mask

Lavender Dream Pillow & Cover

Genuine Leather Washbag

Natural Irish Linen Laundry Bag

Pure Cotton Nightdress

Woolana Bed Bootee Slippers


Updating your bedroom with these simple small changes will certainly make a big difference.  When your bedroom is optimized for light and noise levels, temperature, and comfort, you will create a bedroom environment that promotes sleep and can also improve how you feel while you’re awake.

Start planning for your best night's sleep ever now!