Celebrate Summer with Luxury Picnics!

Celebrate Summer with Luxury Picnics!

With summer in full swing, there's no better way to embrace the warm weather than by indulging in a delightful picnic. Whether you're inspired by the upcoming National Picnic Day on June 18th or simply seeking to create memorable outdoor (and indoor) experiences, luxury home linens can transform your picnic into something truly special.

When it comes to creating the perfect picnic experience, the right home linens can make all the difference. Here's a roundup of essential linens that will elevate both your outdoor and indoor picnics:

Luxury Blankets

Transform any setting into a picnic paradise with our soft, durable, and stylish blankets providing a comfortable seating area whether you're picnicking in the park or indoors. 

Crafted from high-quality materials, these blankets provide a soft and comfortable surface for lounging. Their durable construction ensures they withstand various terrains, from grassy parks to sandy beaches.

We recommend:

Elegant Napkins

Enjoy the combination of elegance, practicality, and eco-friendliness with every picnic you plan.  

Practical and stylish, our fabric napkins combine comfort with sustainability, ensuring each picnic is both enjoyable and environmentally responsible. Their soft, durable fabric ensures they withstand outdoor use while maintaining their elegance, making them an essential addition to your picnic essentials.

We recommend:

Napkin Holders

Our crochet napkin holders are designed to keep your napkins neatly presented and secure, adding an artisanal touch to your outdoor dining setup.

They are ideal for ensuring your napkins stay secure, even on breezy days outdoors.

We recommend:


Plush Cushions

Enhance the cosiness of your picnic with our comfortable and decorative cushions. Whether you're sitting on the ground or using them to soften your picnic bench, these cushions provide extra comfort and style.

We recommend:


Luxury Tablecloths

Create a defined dining space with a luxury tablecloth. Crafted from high-quality fabrics, these tablecloths are durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions while remaining easy to maintain. Mix and match with other picnic accessories, such as napkins and placemats, to create a cohesive and stylish picnic spread.

We recommend:

Portable Placemats

Our placemats are the perfect addition to your picnic setup, offering both practicality and style. They elevate your picnic spread whether laid atop a blanket or used to define individual dining areas.

Whether you're enjoying a casual picnic in the park or a more formal gathering in your garden, our placemats ensure that your dining area remains neat and inviting throughout the event. Their easy-to-clean surface simplifies post-picnic cleanup, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time outdoors without worrying about maintenance.

We recommend:

Throw Blankets

For cooler evenings or indoor picnics, our lightweight throw blankets offer added warmth and comfort. Their soft texture and stylish designs make them a versatile addition to any picnic setup. 

Their lightweight nature ensures they are easy to carry and drape over your shoulders or lap, making them ideal for both outdoor and indoor picnics alike.

We recommend:

Embrace the Indoors

When the weather turns unfavourable, don't let it dampen your picnic plans—bring the joy of picnicking indoors! Transform your living room, sunroom, or any cosy indoor space into a delightful picnic retreat where you can savour delicious food and create lasting memories, regardless of the weather outside.

Summer Picnics with Luxurious Home Linens

This summer, make the most of the season with luxurious home linens that enhance every picnic, rain or shine. Whether you're lounging under the sun or creating a cosy indoor retreat, our products ensure your picnic is comfortable, stylish, and memorable.

Explore our full range of luxury home linens today and start planning your perfect summer picnic experience!