How to Care for your Mulberry Silk

How to Care for your Mulberry Silk

 Pure silk requires a little bit of love and attention, but it is strong as well as beautiful and surprisingly easy to look after!  Silk is one of the strongest of natural fibres, which means this natural material needs to be cared for like any other, in order to maintain its strength and durability. If cared for properly silk can last a lifetime!

Just follow our top tips to getting the best from your silk pillowcases:

  • You can machine wash your silk on a low-temperature, gentle cycle, or hand wash, if you prefer, using luke-warm water and a mild detergent.

  • Wash like colours together.

  • Use a delicate/mild detergent (if possible)

  • A mesh bag will protect your silk from any possible snagging in the machine.

  • Avoid fabric conditioner/softener! It is not necessary for silk and can cause damage to it! (I made this mistake so please do make sure you do not add any fabric softener - I hadn't realised my pillowcase was in the laundry pile before I added it to my machine!)

  • Silk dries very quickly. Hang to dry, out of direct sunlight.

  • Tumble drying is not recommended (or needed as silk dries so quickly)

The above steps are recommended for our silk pillowcases only.  We would always recommend to hand wash your silk eyemask!