McCaw Allan Irish Linen - A Superior Linen Bedding

McCaw Allan Irish Linen - A Superior Linen Bedding
McCaw Allan Superior Irish Linen
The McCaw Allan Irish Linen is a superfine, superior, white flax linen bedding handcrafted exclusively for Givan's.  With a high 1400 thread count, this linen bedding is incredibly smooth and cool to the touch. Finished with a traditional and formal firm finish, this linen bedding will soften beautifully each time it is washed.
Made with skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, this linen bedding is of true heirloom quality. Linen that’s been well cared for can last for up to three decades!
The Benefits of Linen
Irish Linen is one of the most future friendly fabrics available.  It uses less water and pesticides than cotton to grow!  All of our McCaw Allan bedding is made to order, minimising waste!
Line aids restful sleep.  Its absorbs moisture without holding bacteria, up to 20% it's own weight in moisture before feeling damp! In fact, it is actually stronger when wet than dry and becomes softer and more pliable the more it is washed. It just gets better and better! Not only is linen long lasting and durable but the hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimycotic properties of linen make it suitable for sensitive skin!

The McCaw Allan linen duvets are finished with linen ties eliminating the need for plastic, making this bed set completely biodegradable and eco friendly!
The Finest Luxury
Here at Givan's we have had a reputation for craftsmanship and attention to detail since 1899.

 In recognition of their continuing commitment to the highest standards, McCaw, Allan & Co. were awarded the Royal Warrant in 1998 as manufacturer of fine Bed Linens to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
A Personal Touch
Make your linens truly unique by personalising with our embroidery service

Whether to mark a special occasion or add a classic touch to you home, we will work closely with you to choose your style, size and placement to create the ultimate personalized luxury!
Offering looks ranging from traditional to contemporary each of our embroidered styles complements our collections beautifully.

If you would like to arrange any bespoke embroidery we would love to discuss this with you! Please feel free to contact us via email or call us on 01733562300 (Mon-Fri).

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