Our New & Sustainable Catalogue

Our New & Sustainable Catalogue

You may have noticed a slight difference in your new copy of Givan's Irish Linen Stores Summer Sale Catalogue... this is because it is now fully recyclable!

Sustainability is of vital importance to us here at Givan’s. We are committed to ensuring that we are meeting our social and environmental obligations both those as set out by law but also in the wider content of our business and being proactively responsible. 

We undertake our responsibility for the environment seriously and accept that our planet faces increasing environmental challenges.  We work hard to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment to as low a level as possible.

That is why we are incredibly excited to say that our mail order catalogue is now fully recyclable and responsibly sourced! This means that you can now recycle both the plastic outer packaging and the catalogue itself! 

If you would like to join our mailing list and receive a luxury home catalogue please email sales@givans.co.uk with your request and address details.  You will receive our most recent catalogue at no extra cost and be added to our mailing list for all future versions.