New Luxury Handcrafted Silk Nightwear

New Luxury Handcrafted Silk Nightwear

Combining beauty, comfort and pure luxury this timeless mulberry silk nightwear collection is handcrafted from a particularly light pure silk that is both stylish and elegant.  

The beautiful surface of our new silk loungewear is soft and light against the skin to provide you with the utmost comfort while sleeping or relaxing at home.  Handcrafted to order in Germany using the finest silks, the superior feel and particularly skin-friendly properties of silk ensure incomparable comfort!


Benefits of Silk

Silk is a great sleepwear fabric because of its hypoallergenic quality. Its natural protein structure is perfect for people with allergies and is soft on your skin despite its incredible strength. It is the most comfortable for sleep and lounging and will help you fall asleep gentler and faster. 

Even better, silk lets your skin breathe and helps your body regulate temperature easily when the seasons start to change. Silk adjusts to an individual’s body temperature making this luxury silk nightwear perfect all year round, keeping you warm in winter and beautifully cool in summer.


Silk moves with your body and will never irritate your skin. There’s something about the feel of silk on your skin and the way it effortlessly drapes that empowers you. You may find yourself standing up taller, moving more purposefully, or simply feeling more elegant. Slipping into your silk pajamas is like a subtle ritual that reminds your mind it’s time to relax.


Discover our collection of luxury sleepwear and invest in yourself today:

  • It is all-natural. 
  • It is strong and durable. It can last a lifetime with proper care! 
  • It has a beautiful sheen or shimmery effect in the light
  • It is hypoallergenic and great for those with sensitive skin
  • It is breathable and adaptable to any season
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


Our Pure Silk Nightwear Collection

Our new collection include a wide range of custom made lounge wear, for both men and women, made from the finest mulberry silk fabrics. Our full range of Pure Silk Nightwear is available in both Ivory and Deep Black


The beautiful surface of the silk nightdress subtly emphasizes the natural body shape. Adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit! The ladies silk nightdress is available in a beautiful, classic ivory or an elegant deep black silk in both a full length and mid-length size. 


This beautiful fine silk sleep shirt is the ultimate in classic and feminine loungewear with a relaxed fit and a flattering short length. It features a v-shaped neckline, side slit and wide hems on the sleeves to give ultimate comfort.


Pyjama Sets

The beautiful surface of this silk loungewear set is incredibly light against the skin, with a relaxed fit and elasticated waist to provide you with the utmost comfort while sleeping or relaxing at home. Each style, both the long and short pyjama sets are available in classic ivory and deep black.

Mid-Length Robes

Finished with a hip belt and 2 side pockets this lightweight dressing gown will fit just right and feel good against your skin. The classic ivory colour features beautiful fine lace on the sleeves. 


Pure Silk Jacquard Robes

Individually custom-made with exclusive material combinations, the Pure Silk Jacquard Robe offers a wide choice of colours and designs in jacquard silk finished with a complementing satin silk trim, hip belt and side pockets. Its wrap-around shape and tactile finish are the perfect blend of comfort and luxury and is designed to be treasured for years to come.  

Timeless, elegant and supremely comfortable nightwear crafted from pure silk.
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Bespoke Made Just for You

With great attention to detail, our beautiful silk nightwear collection is handcrafted in Germany, using the finest silks, from design to the finished product. Silk specialists, who can draw on over 90 years of experience, process the natural product silk into exclusive fabrics and sophisticated products, which are lovingly made by hand. Each item is created to your exact measurements which we will ask you to supply at the time of order. Use our handy size guide here to take your measurements.

Once your order is complete, please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your order. 



Your Best Night's Sleep...

Pyjamas are common bedtime staples, but you can lift it up a notch higher with a supple silk material that offers many benefits to your body.

Silk pyjamas are luxury wear for a good reason. They're smart, elegant, stylish and will never go out of trend. Silk can make you feel lavish, keeps irritants at bay, matches the pH of even the most sensitive skin, are the perfect traveller’s sleepwear, and great as loungewear. 



Silk can act as a much-needed indulgence. Invest in silk pyjamas and experience the wonders silk offers during your essential naps. Get your best night's sleep ever and combine the luxury silk nightwear with a silk eye mask and pillowcase too! 

Sleep is a luxury you shouldn’t deprive yourself of.

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