The Guest Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom

As we finally start thinking about welcoming guests and visitors back into our homes, how do we tackle the guest bedroom?

Even during normal times a guest bedroom is often one of the most overlooked rooms in the home in terms of decor. There's never been a better time to completely revamp your guest space, ahead of welcoming visitors!

We've put together some fantastic tips on creating a delightful place for family and friends to stay! 



Not everyone sleeps at the same temperature during the night, but you can cater to everyone’s needs and make your guest bedroom extra comfortable by layering the bed with blankets, throws, and pillows so your guests can decide how much coverage they need.

Different bedding styles can feel different in terms of warmth. Percale cotton is cooler to the touch and is suited to hot sleepers, whilst sateen cotton has a naturally heavier drape, making it ideal for those that feel cold in the night. The addition of a natural linen sheet can satisfy both sides of the camp as it is a natural insulator to trap more heat under a duvet at the same time as being temperature regulating and comfortable to sleep under on its own.

Here are some of our favourite bed linens for the guest bedroom:



There are some simple things you can do to make your life easier when hosting guests, like using mattress protectors, duvet protectors and pillow protectors which means you can really deep clean your spare bed when your guests go home. 

We recommend the following items:



After a long trip, nothing is as welcoming as a pile of soft, fluffy towels waiting to be put to use after a refreshing shower!  Fold them neatly and place them where your guest can see them.  You can even use towels in a different colour than your own to make sure there are no mix ups in the bathroom!

Invest in some nice hand soap to leave out with hand towels and encourage guests to freshen up frequently as they move around your home! It’s also a nice idea to stock the guest room or guest bathroom with shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand lotion and tooth paste... just in case!

Here are our favourites:



A fluffy robe for guests to throw over their nightwear is a nice touch and will add a sense of luxury to the most austere spare room!  Natural relaxing scents such as lavender will help your guest's mind relax as they settle down for a good night's sleep. Create a space that you can be proud to offer your guests, knowing that when they open the door to their temporary living space they can breath a sigh of relief and completely relax.

Here's what we would add:


When coming up with ideas on what to include in the guest bedroom, put yourselves in your guest’s shoes and draw from past positive experiences at top hotels!

Sometimes it’s the little, thoughtful things which can make a big difference!